Alaris Royalty - AD.TO | website | comments | chart
Altagas - ALA.TO | website | comments | chart
Artis REIT - AX.UN.TO | website | comments | chart
Baytex Energy - BTE.TO | website | comments | chart
Brookfield Property Partners - BPY.UN.TO | website | comments | chart
Crescent Point - CPG.TO website | comments | chart
Cominar REIT - CUF.UN.TO website | comments | chart
CT REIT - CRT.UN.TO website | comments | chart
Diversified Royalty Corp - DIV.TO website | comments | chart
Dream Global REIT - DRG.UN.TO website | comments | chart
Dream Office REIT - D.UN.TO website | comments | chart
Medical Facilities - DR.TO | website | comments | chart
EnerCare - ECI.TO website | comments | chart
Gibson Energy - GEI.TO website | comments | chart
First Capital Realty - FCR.TO website | comments | chart
First National Financial - FN.TO website | comments | chart
Freehold Royalties - FRU.TO website | comments | chart
Grenville Strategic Royalty - RGC.V website | comments | chart
H&R REIT - HR.UN.TO | website | comments | chart
Inter Pipeline - IPL.TO | website | comments | chart (SOLD)
Liquor Stores - LIQ.TO | website | comments | chart
Milestone Apartments - MST.UN.TO website | comments | chart
Morneau Shepell - MSI.TO website | comments | chart
Northwest Healthcare Properties REIT - NWH.UN.TO website | comments | chart
Pembina Pipeline - PPL.TO website | comments | chart (SOLD)
Pizza Pizza - PZA.TO website | comments | chart
Plaza Retail REIT - PLZ.UN.TO website | comments | chart
Prairiesky Royalty - PSK.TO website | comments | chart (SOLD)
Pure Multi-Family REIT - RUF.UN.V website | comments | chart
Riocan REIT - REI.UN.TO website | comments | chart
Smart REIT - REI.UN.TO website | comments | chart
Student Transportation - STB.TO website | comments | chart
Wajax Corp - WJX.TO | website | comments | chart


  1. Have you considered adding any of the large Canadian banks to your portfolio? TD, BNS, RY, BMO or CM.

  2. Hey DivHut!

    I'm thinking of adding banks; TD and BNS as of next year. I want them to pull back a little bit more. They are great long term hold and the yields are good too. BTW, congrats on your baby boy! Wishing you lots of health and happiness!

  3. Hi GK,

    I second what DivHut said about adding some CAD Banks, BNS and TD are great options as you've listed! Also check out the telcos, Telus, Rogers, Bell.... They also have good yields and good div. growth.

    Take it easy man,

    1. Room for the Canadian banks these days? Curious to know your take on the sector.

    2. Well, our American friends are still shorting Canadian banks and I think that we will see some more selling pressure. Banks have rebounded nicely in the past week. I'm not ready to buy them now, I really like TD and RY.

  4. This is a nice list of companies I haven't heard of. I'm going to have to check them out. With the dollar so strong right now, I think there are some bargains in foreign stocks. Do you have plans on adding any foreign holdings?

    1. Hi,

      It's true, I hold some companies that people don't hear about on daily basis. For now I only focus on Canadian stocks. There are plenty on Canadian stocks that I want to buy before my basket is full. Also, my portfolio is still very small so it doesn't make sense for me to devirsify it internationally. But thanks for asking. Take care!

  5. Interesting portfolio. I don't see most of these names on most DGI blogs. This is great for me, a bunch of new companies to investigate. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Happy hunting my friend. Next year I will start picking up some Canadian banks and telcos.

  6. Hello
    Your portfolio is overweight on rates and energy stocks, why do not you add any Canadian banks and insurance stocks, Canadian banks are the best dividend stocks in my opinion, they are safest companies their earnings grow year by year and their dividends are increasing also. energy stocks are dependant on oil price and can cut or remove their dividends for any reason related to oil prices. REITs are facing increasing interest rate and are likely to have bad days, the only companies who will benefit from increasing interest rate are financial.

    1. Hi,

      We don't have much of the companies to choose from in Canada. Some Banks, Telcos, Reits and Energy. That's about it. I plan to add Telcos and Banks in the future, not insurance though. To me insurance is a pyramid scheme. I only like one Canadian Bank and it's TD. But, I'm not ready to buy it yet.

      I'm not worried about interest rates too much. It's going to be a gradual process. Most REITs are financed through bought deals so the rate is fixed.

      As for the energy stock. I do have some companies but they are small positions. I do believe we will have a another bull cycle in oil prices and it might be the last.


  7. Love the portfolio, lots of REITs and energy stocks. Nice to find another Canadian blog!