Portfolio Value Update - May 2022

Portfolio Value
In May, my portfolio value increased by $4,250 from $156,143 to $160,393. May was a volatile month for stocks. The markets dipped in mid-May, but then recovered quickly by the end of the month. I’m glad that my portfolio is above the 160K mark.

Dividends received in May 2022: $605.76
Dividends received in May 2021: $475.69
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $130.07 or 27%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $2,890.27

I think it’s a great progress. So far this year, the dividends have been growing at a good pace. I continue to add more capital and reinvest the dividends to fuel future growth. Furthermore, the dividend increases play an important role in dividend growth. A lot of my stocks have raised the dividends this year.

Portfolio Value Update - April 2022

Portfolio Value
In April, my portfolio value decreased by $5,794 from $161,937 to $156,143. The market dropped in mid-April following the interest rate hike by the central bank. The drop has set me back to where I was in March. But this is a buying opportunity and there are a lot more deals that I could take advantage of in the coming months.

Dividends received in April 2022: $605.33
Dividends received in April 2021: $463.27
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $142.06 or 30%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $2,284.51

I’m now earning over $600 per month in passive income from regular dividends. This is a new milestone for me and I couldn’t be happier with the progress so far. All dividends are invested back into dividend paying stocks.

Portfolio Value Update - March 2022

Portfolio Value
In March, my portfolio value increased by $4,998 from $156,939 to $161,937. Canadian market performed strongly in March, despite the conflict in Eastern Europe. My portfolio is sitting at all-time high and I continue to put more cash to work.

Portfolio Value Update - February 2022

Last month I wrote about the tensions in Eastern Europe and in February the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine. My prayers to all people affected in such pointless fight. Unfortunately, in all conflicts, it’s the peaceful; working-class citizens that has to suffer for the wrong-doing of stubborn politicians.

Portfolio Value
In February, my portfolio value increased by $5,885 from $151,054 to $156,939. It was a volatile month for the markets, especially since the war broke out. My plan regarding investing remains the same: continue to buy stocks.

Portfolio Value Update - January 2022

Portfolio Value
In January, my portfolio value increased by $7,351 from $143,703 to $151,054. New Milestone!! The majority of the increase came from new TFSA contribution of $6,000 and the rest came from dividends and stocks appreciation.

January was a volatile month with omicron fears, protests, and military tension in Eastern Europe. However, if you look in the past; 2020 and 2021 had similar problems and the markets did incredibly well. Will the markets continue to do well in 2022? We’ll see. I personally don’t think so and the way I’m going to play these markets is by investing in high quality businesses and stick to my long-term plan.