Portfolio Value Update - June 2020

Portfolio Value
In June, my stock portfolio value increased by $11,398 and closed at $83,370. Most of the increase came from new stock purchases. I added $9,299 worth of new stocks. The rest of the growth came from stocks appreciation.

The Second Wave of Bargain Shopping - AQN, SRU, NFI, ENB, BNS

Today I pulled the trigger and finally bought more stocks. The last time I bought stocks was 3 months ago. I must admit that prices in March were lower due to the uncertainty about the economy. Back then nobody knew how bad the pandemic would damage the economy. Now that most places are back to business, the general sentiment about the economy has improved. Even the demand for gas has improved and gasoline prices are almost back to normal.

Not sure if now is the best time to buy stocks. We may have better deals in fall. Nonetheless, I decided to get back into stock buying and will continue to do so for as long as possible. 

Portfolio Value Update - May 2020

Portfolio Value
In May, my stock portfolio value decreased by $855 and closed at $71,972. I was expecting my portfolio to drop even more because of the shutdowns and high unemployment rate. Our economy is already starting to open so this might be a positive catalyst for the stocks in June. However, I’m not too excited to jump into stocks until Q2 reports are out in August. The Q1 was bad for most companies, but that only includes a few weeks of shutdown in March. The Q2 will reflect April – May shutdowns and June recovery. That will be interesting to read.

Portfolio Value Update - April 2020

Portfolio Value
In April, my stock portfolio value increased by $4,980 and closed at $72,827. The portfolio is recovering slowly from the sharp drop of $19K last month. I have allocated over $9,000 for new stock purchases in a regular account as my TFSA is maxed out. Please note that my portfolio value excludes the cash balance.

April 11, 2020 Update - Staying at Home, Stock Market and New Camera

Hello guys. I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on over here. We are doing fine, just sitting at home, on a mission to flatten the curve.

Next week, it will be the 7th week of staying at home. For us, the lockdown began a few weeks before an official lockdown. As of March break, we avoided going out because we knew what was coming here. The government was not acting fast enough so we started to isolate ourselves way before the shutdown.