Portfolio Value Update - January 27, 2014

Today my Dividend Portfolio decreased by $.49 to $13,987.40.

This is pretty good considering that the Canadian market fell another 135 points. I lost only 49 cents in today's battle and all thanks to VSN.TO which made up for all the loses.

The best performer of the day was VSN.TO, up by 1.83% or 27 cents to $15.03. Thanks to VSN, my portfolio did not sink as much as the markets did.

Crescent Point
The worst performer of the day was CPG.TO, down by 2.16% or 85 cents to $38.51. I already wrote before that the next support level is around $38. On the intra-day basis the stock declines to $37.85 and then gradually climbed higher and closed at $38.51.

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