Portfolio Value Update - June 19, 2014

Today my Dividend Portfolio increased by $64.68 to $17,735.24.
70% of my stocks closed in positive territory and helped to push my portfolio higher.

Medical Facilities
The best performer of the day was DR.TO, up by 1.46% or 27 cents to $18.77. I think I missed my boat here. The stock is now poised to go higher as it did withstand the support level. You can see how the stock corrected from around $20 to $17 support level. This was my prediction as well. I also predicted that once it touches the support line of 200dma that it would bounce back and continue to move higher. And this is exactly what it did, the price went down to 200dma and then it had an ABC upward movement, reversing the downtrend.

Pizza Pizza Royalty
The worst performer of the day was PZA.TO, down by 1.09% or 15 cents to $13.60. Pizza pizza is a decent place and when I pass by their restaurant, there are always people in there. I'm not concerned by the stock performance. I'm not expecting a big capital appreciation. Seven percent dividend yield is good enough for me. 

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