Recent Sale: PSK, FRU, IPL, and PPL.

The above-mentioned is not a mistake. I reduced my energy exposure to the minimum due to the recent price appreciation in oil and energy stocks. Within the last two weeks I sold four energy stocks: PSK, FRU, IPL, and PPL. Luckily all for a profit!

I bought those companies a few months ago because they were severely punished by the market.

From October 2015 to December 2015 I invested $3,154 in PSK, FRU, IPL, and PPL.

During the month of February 2016 and March 2016 I sold my energy stocks for $3,375. My capital gain was $221 and my dividend income was $50.41, resulting in a total return of $271 or 8.5 percent.

I might get back into IPL and PPL sometime in the future because they released good earnings and maintained the dividend. However, PSK and FRU reduced their dividend so I won’t touch them until they start raising the dividend again.

Most of the capital from sale already redeployed into RUF.UN, DR.TO and AD.TO. I have $940 cash to think about the next investment. I will keep looking for a bargain.


  1. Hello

    Good idea AD.TO is making a new up trend hopefully it will last for several weeks, the stock is above it's 20 and 40 day moving average and booth are in up trend. the MACD weekly has cross it's signal line and is an up trend also.

    Did you think buying FTN.TO it has a nice dividend of 20%, i bought it last weeks when the price was around 5.75 and the yield was 25%, what a nice yield i think that i will never sell the stock.

    1. Hi Hassen,

      Great to see you here again. Thanks for the support. I never heard of FTN.TO but you already up by $2 in a very short period of time. Can you share briefly what that company does? A yield of 20% looks very scary to me.


  2. Hello
    do not worry about the high yield dividend of FTN.TO, it is a close ended fund witch is traded like a share, it seams like a FNB rather then a stock.
    here is the link to the web site of the provider!ftn-fund-features/cn7i

    great to read your answers