Recent Sale: Medical Facilities DR.TO

Hey guys! Just a quick follow up on my recent sale. A lot of companies are reporting their earnings and I adjust my portfolio according to earnings results. So, If one of my companies reporting a bad quarter and I have a gain on the stock, then I sell, because most likely, the stock price will go sideways until the next quarter.

The company that I sold is Medical Facilities (DR.TO). They reported a 5% drop in their earnings on higher operating costs. The stock had a double-top pattern and now it starts to reverse. Well, this is how I read the chart. I liquidated all my shares under one second. It`s fascinating how fast you can raise cash in the market. I had a position of 160 shares that I've been accumulating over the past two years and my average cost was around $15.50. I sold my shares for $17.17 per share, so I booked a nice profit - tax free of course! I will consider buying back the shares if the price drops bellow $14.

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