Portfolio Value Update - February 2017

Portfolio Value
I’m a couple of days late reporting my February update, but here it is.

As of February 28, 2017 my dividend portfolio balance stood at $40,531.28. That’s a decrease of $179.27 from last month, despite monthly contribution and dividend income. The main reason for value decrease is stocks fluctuation, of course.


Dividend income is a passive income for which I don’t have to work for. In February, I received a total of $186.26 in dividends vs $158.33 for the same period a year ago. That's an increase of $27 or 17% on year-over-year basis.


In February, I added $800 of fresh capital to my TFSA account. The maximum amount that I can contribute in 2017 is $5,500. Since I have contribution room from prior years, I will continue to add $800 per month until I reach my maximum contribution.

My Investment Account (TFSA)
My portfolio consists of 28 Canadian dividend paying stocks. Most of my stocks pay dividends on monthly basis. This allows me to collect dividends and reinvest them into dividend paying stocks more rapidly.

In February I bought a new REIT for my portfolio – Killam Apartment (KMP.UN.TO). With my monthly contribution and accumulated dividends, I had enough funds to buy 110 units for $12.71 per unit. I like the fundamental side of their business. They have nice properties and their rents are fairly priced. The REIT is trading at around 12 times earnings and yields about 4.7%. This purchase will increase my monthly dividend income by $5.50.

Looking forward to the next month. You're welcome to comment on my post below. I will visit your website as well and see how you did. If you are on my blogroll, I will visit your website anyway :)

Take care guys!


  1. 17% YoY growth is great. Good job and keep it up! Monthly contributions sure do add up.


    1. Thanks TDM! Yes, monthly contributions help a lot to keep up with the growth.

  2. 17% is fantastic, I hope next year you can reach a 20% increase on that again, that would be fantastic. Cheers

    1. Hey BHL,

      Thanks for your comments. Next year the increase might be even smaller since my contribution will remain the same...hopefully :)