Portfolio Value Update - February 2018

February was a very volatile month for me. There were more swing days than typical market days. It looked like the market was looking for any noise as an excuse for the sell-off. Having said that, my portfolio performed better compared to January. The buyout of one of my stock helped a lot to get my portfolio value higher. Anyway, I’m glad this month is over and I look forward to market stabilization in March.

Portfolio Value
As of February 28, 2018 my investment portfolio balance stood at $53,341.47. That’s an increase of $556.27 from last month.

In February, I received a total of $236.45 in dividends vs $186.26 for the same period a year ago. That's an increase of $50.19 or 26% on year-over-year basis. I have to admit that my YoY dividend growth is still high, but that will slowly come down to single digit once my TFSA is maxed out by the end of this year.

Fun Fact
In the first two months of this year I earned more dividends than I earned for the whole year of 2011.

Dividend Increases
Plaza REIT increased their dividend by 3.5%.
RioCan REIT increased their dividend by 2.1%.

In February, I contributed $700 of fresh capital to my TFSA account. I mentioned in the past that my contribution amount will be lowered in 2018 from $800 to $700 per month. This is because I want to equally spread out the purchasing power throughout the year.

I made one transaction in February by purchasing more shares in Morguard REIT (MRT.UN.TO). I doubled my position in MRT by purchasing 70 shares, so now I have a total of 140 shares of MRT. More details about my purchase here.

Online Income
I have some important updates regarding my online income. As you know I used to report my Neobux, Surveys, and Google Adsense earnings from this blog and YouTube.

However, there were some changes made to YouTube Partnership Program and I will focus only on growing my YouTube channel. I will stop doing surveys and Neobux, because I won’t have much time for that. I will be focusing on making more videos and growing my subscription base.


  1. DIS,

    Great results! I love the progress you are making and the $700 contribution you made is going to go a long way towards pushing your income forward and delivering strong growth rates Keep it up.


  2. Looks like a great month!
    I've been a plaza shareholder for about 5 years :)

    Also been keeping an eye on Morguard.

    Looking at the value of your portfolio and the monthly payouts - your portfolio has a nice juicy yield :)
    Keep it up.

    1. Hey Jordan! I'm really getting excited about Plaza reit, especially when it's under $4. This might be my next pick!