New Buy - Restaurant Brands International

Today I made my last purchase of the year. I always wanted to have an exposure to Tim Hortons and Burger King so I went ahead and purchased 11 shares of Restaurant Brands International, ticker QSR.TO on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Restaurant Brands International is a multinational fast food holding company that was formed in 2014 when Tim Hortons and Burger King merged in a $12.5 billion deal. In 2017, RBI acquired Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and became the fight-largest operator of fast food restaurants in the world.

I bought 11 shares of QSR.TO for $71.70 per share. This is a new position in my portfolio. Eleven shares is not much, but I plan to add to this position later on, especially if the share price remains around $70 or less. I believe that QSR is a great holding company with great growth prospects.

The company pays a quarterly dividends in US currency and when converted to CAD dollars it comes up to 3% yield. Not a bad payout from a solid, growing business. It’s also worth mentioning that the dividend was doubled in March 2018 and I expect more dividend increases in 2019.

Dividend Payout Ratio
The current dividend payout ratio sits at 46% making it a safe investment for someone who relies on dividend income.

Ex-Dividend Date
The ex-dividend date for QSR is December 14, 2018 and the dividend payment is on January 4, 2019. By purchasing the shares today, I will receive my very first payout as early as next month. Right now is a good time to buy to get the dividend as early as possible.


That's it! That was my last purchase for this year. Let me know what you think of it.


  1. nice German

    Definately one of my favorite stocks. I saw it sitting round 70 bucks sometime last week and i was tempted to add more. Great company with lots of potential.

    Enjoy those divs!

    1. Thanks! 70 bucks is not a bad deal considering the stock was around $85 a few months ago.

  2. Nice buy, a very solid brand for sure.

  3. I sold 55 shares on 12 Oct for $75.52 for a slight profit. I just don't see growth in the donut and burger business. I have never ate at Popeye's so no comment there. Once it dropped below it's 50 and 200 DMA i dumped it. I like the 3.3% dividend, I just don't see any growth in that dividend. Good luck with your purchase.

    1. Thank you for your opinion. The growth will come from emerging markets. US and Canada is a very mature market. At home, they will grow with demographic. I do speculate on another dividend increase in 2019 which should be above inflation rate.