3 Dividend Raises (QSR, CT, FN)

Restaurant Brands International (TSE:QSR) announced a dividend increase of 5 cents per share and the stock went up by $6. I’m not sure why the market is so excited about this increase. This increase was expected and it should have been already reflected in the share price. The dividend increase represents 11.11 percent. I have 11 shares of QSR, meaning my yearly dividend income will be increased by $2.75 if calculated in Canadian currency.

The company just paid a quarterly dividend in January, consequently the increase will be reflected in April’s payout.

Apart from QSR dividend increase, CT REIT (TSE:CRT.UN.TO) and First National (TSE:FN.TO) also raised their dividends by 3.97% and 2.75% respectively. With 220 shares of CT and 85 shares of FN in my portfolio, my yearly dividend income will be increased by $6.36 and $4.32.

Combined dividend increases will add $13.43 per year of free cash flow. That equals to $275 of fresh capital that I did not have to invest to increase my income. That's the power of compound growth!

These increases are small, but as long as I get them, they will help me reach my 2019 dividend goals.

Let me know if you own any of the stocks that I mentioned above. It’s time to celebrate!


  1. hey GermN

    was a good day for you! congrats on all those raises.

    we share the qsr raise. I think the stock popped because tim hortons finally posted a nice same stores earnings increase.

    keep stacking those divs!

  2. Congrats on the raises! Gotta love that extra cash!

  3. Nice dividends increases. I bought 85 QSR shares in October and now would like to buy more shares to have enough for DRIP. Cheers!.

    1. Cheers! That was a great buy for sure! Enjoy those capital gains and dividend increase!