New Milestone and New Stock Purchase

New Milestone 
Hey guys! I finally reached a new milestone. My investment portfolio is now worth over $70,000. This is just an insane number. I never had so much money in my life. When I first started investing in 2010, I had only a $1,000 as my start-up capital. Back then I did not contribute to my portfolio on regular basis. I would put some money here and there and there was a few years when I did not put any money at all.

In 2015 I decided to get serious about investing and contribute on monthly basis. This is when my portfolio started to grow. I was adding money and reinvesting dividends every month. In four years my portfolio grew from $20,000 to $70,000. I will continue to contribute every month for as long as my financial situation allows me.

Stock Purchase - TD Bank (TSE:TD)
On March 21, 2019 I purchased 15 shares of TD Bank for $74.94 per share. TD is the second biggest bank in Canada, serving over 10 million customers through more than 1,100 branches. This purchase adds $44.40 to my yearly dividends and I’m locking in 3.9% yield. Not the highest dividend yield, but TD Bank has the highest dividend growth rate compared to other banks like RY and BNS.

Top reasons why I picked TD over other Banks:
  • Highest Dividend Growth Rate – 11.48% for the last 5 years
  • Highest Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) – 7.4%
  • US exposure
  • I personally do business with TD

My Favorite Banks
TD is not the only bank that I like. I also like Royal Bank because it’s biggest bank in Canada. But since I already have Royal Bank in my portfolio, I decided to start a new position in TD. Also, the TD’s ex-dividend date is sooner than RY, so it makes more sense to buy TD this month and RY next month.

How About BNS?
Bank of Nova Scotia or Scotiabank is the third biggest bank in Canada and the most international Canadian bank. BNS is very favored by investors because it has a higher dividend yield. That’s all good. I’m just not excited about Mexico and Latin America exposure. I prefer US exposure of TD Bank instead. BNS has the lowest dividend growth rate among TD and RY. That doesn’t mean that I will never own BNS. Things always change. For the time being, I want to grow my RY and TD positions before investing in BNS.

Next Purchase
I’m thinking to add Royal Bank next month as it will perfectly align with ex-dividend date.

Your Thoughts
That's it for today's update! Let me know what you think of TD and would you buy it for the long-run. Also, let me know what is your favorite bank and why? Take care!


  1. Congrats! You are on the track of 25 year plan.

  2. nice german!

    congrats on the milestone. Reits have done very well lately, and you got a bunch of them.

    Love the td buy, its one of my largest positions. I just added 43 shares of Bns today, so now ill get both those dripping!

    Bns latin america moves can go either way. Huge growth opportunity, but you got currency differences and a more volatile environment.

    Once the dust settles on their moves, i think they will do very good.

    Anyways keep it up and that portfolio qill continue setting new highs.

    1. WOW, your shopping cart is quiet big! Good job on adding BNS today. Banks pulled back a bit today, so you got a better deal today. Looking forward to your update soon :)


  3. Congratulations German! That is what I'm talking about right there. Milestones are the name of the game with investing and I'm excited/proud/pumped for you to continue knocking out these milestones. Keep it coming. TD is a great bank. The banking sector may be my next splash from an investment standpoint.


    1. Thanks, Bert. Canadian banks are solid businesses with consistent eps and dividend growth. People will continue to use banks for their mortgage loans for many years to come.