New Stock Purchase: Brookfield Infrastructure

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners owns and operates a global network of infrastructure companies in utilities, transportation, energy and communications infrastructure. It invests in transmission and telecommunication lines, toll roads, ports and pipelines.

I’m a big fan of Brookfield company and its subsidiaries such as Real Estate, Renewable Power, Infrastructure, and Private Equity. I already have a big position in their Real Estate portfolio and now it’s time to build a big position in their Infrastructure assets. Eventually, I want to be invested in all four subsidiaries.

I raised some money last week by selling stocks in Morneau Shepell. Then I transferred my regular contributions and received monthly dividends. All in, I had $2,700 of capital to play with. That was enough to purchase 48 shares of Brookfield Infrastructure. I paid $56.55 per share, a bit expensive relative to its three months price charts, but I’m in for a long run.

The company pays a quarterly dividend of US$0.5025 per share. They have a solid track record of raising the dividend and their latest raise was 6.9%. Since I bought shares before the ex-dividend date (May 30, 2019), I will get the first payout as soon as next month.

That’s it for today. My next post will be about May progress. Take care!


  1. Nice purchase! Very happy with your decision :))

  2. nice German i was debating bip but my utility sector is huge. So i just bought some bce.

    solid buy man, nice addition to that portfolio.

    1. BCE is a solid buy. BIP is not just utility, they own railroads, toll roads, data centers, shipping ports, all that good stuff. They are very well diversified. So even if your utility sector is overweight, you can still make an exception for BIP. Cheers.

  3. Nice buy I have been thinking about buying this stock, maybe later in the year since I just spent all my money lol. Keep up the good work.