Portfolio Value Update - June 2019

Welcome back to my blog. First off, Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian followers. We went downtown to see the parade and I made a video of it. I actually uploaded the video to my YouTube channel this morning. 

Portfolio Value
In June, my portfolio value increased by $1,667 to $73,992. Finally, it broke the iceberg. For the past 3 months, my portfolio value wouldn't budge. It was stuck at 72K despite stock purchases and dividend reinvesting. I'm happy they way my stocks were performing in June. The balance closed 8 bucks short of hitting the 74K. I think I will surpass that next month.

Dividends received in June 2019: $346.23
Dividends received in June 2018: $280.41
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $65.82 or 23%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $1,990.11

As you can see from the numbers above, dividends are growing at a healthy rate. A year-over-year increase of 23% is just awesome. A typical job salary will never beat that growth. Most salaries increase with the rate of inflation of 2 to 3 percent.

In June, I transferred $575 to my TFSA account. I will continue to contribute the same amount every month. My TFSA contribution limit will be reached by the end of this year.

In June, I made one transaction. It was a quiet month like most of the months. I bought another Canadian Bank - CIBC. You can scroll down to my next post to read more about CIBC purchase.

AdSense Earnings
Adsense earnings from the blog: $0.54
Adsense earnings from YouTube: $65.59
Total AdSense earnings: $66.13

This is the second month in a row that my YouTube earnings are up 20%. It was $40 is April, $50 in May and $65 in June. I hope this trend continues. I did put a lot of work into my channel in June. I created around 20 videos on different topics. I filmed Montreal’s nightlife, exotics cars, luxury real estate and airplanes.

That’s it for June update! Let me know what you think of my progress. Feel free to share your progress in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and take care!


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