Recent Stock Purchase

Hey guys! My monthly stock purchase is complete. This month, I was looking into different stocks to buy and decided to add some shares to my Restaurant Brands (QSR.TO) position. On November 20, 2019, I bought 11 shares of QSR.TO, therefore, I doubled my position. My purchase price was $87.24 per share.

I bought the first batch of QSR shares in December 2018, about a year ago. Back then I paid $71.70 per share. During the year, the share price increased as high as $104 and recently pulled back to $85 level. So I figured it was a good opportunity for me to add to my position. At this price the stock is yielding about 3% which is decent for this kind of business.

If you’re not familiar with Restaurant Brands, think of Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Restaurant Brands is a holding company of these three fast-food chain businesses.

If the share price continues to stay low, I will be adding to my position. I believe this company will do very well with their 10-year global expansion plans.


  1. Nice german

    great buy. Id love to add to my qsr position. Bk and Popeyes are doing fantastic but tims is lagging. There is still massive lineups at the drive thru's though.

    Recently added to our bpy position and bce should be next =) Ill add in 2020 if the price is right

    keep it up

    1. I pass by three Tims on my way to work. Always lineups! I don't worry about tims. They will be fine. But BK and Popeyes are doing great, based on their latest numbers. We might also get a div increase in 2020 when they report Q4.

  2. DiS -

    Love, love, love it. Great investment and looking forward to you collecting those checks!


    1. Thanks, Lanny. I heard you reached a new milestone :) Congrats!!