The Bumpy Start of 2020!

What a rough start of 2020! The tension between the US and Iran, the killing of an Iranian general, the missile attacks on American bases in Iraq and the latest downing of the Ukrainian plane killing all 176 people on board including 63 Canadian citizens. All of this will contribute to the market downturn in the next few weeks. So far the markets were resistant to all the negative news related to the Middle East. I believe it’s the plane crash that will unleash the market selloff.

The Crash of Ukraine Airlines Boeing 737 Flight PS752
The crash of the plane is very suspicious. The media is reporting that it was an engine problem. Well, it’s hard to believe that. It was a relatively new plane, it has nothing to do with MAX 8 software because it’s a Boeing 737-800, and the plane has undergone scheduled maintenance two days before the crash.

I think the plane was attacked in response to American threats against Iran. I could be mistaken, but here’s why I think it was a plot:

  • The plane crashed within 3 minutes after the take-off. That means it was still flying at low altitude which makes it easier for anybody to gun down the plane from the ground.
  • The plane carried an unusually high number of Canadians. Why was that and who knew about that? Why there were so many Canadians on the flight from Tehran? It’s not a vacation destination.
  • US and Canada are allies, so if Iran is against the US, they are automatically against Canada.

It will take years to investigate but the truth will prevail. For us, the dividend stock investors, we just sit tight and accumulate good quality stocks if they become on sale. These negative news should not affect the US or Canadian economy in any shape or form.


  1. It's so unfortunate to hear what happened with the plane crash. Thoughts and prayers for all the victims and families.

    It's time like this that makes me reflective more on being appreciate of the present since we don't know what the future holds or lack there of.

  2. Definitely a different start to the yr. I never thought about it getting shot down, just thought it was some Boeing thing yet again.

    I guess time will tell, here's hoping we see a little more volatility in the market. Hopefully not at the cost of others lives though..