How to Stay Safe during Covid-19 Pandemic

I usually don’t write about health related topics, but since we’re officially in a global pandemic mode, I thought I would write about some of the tips on how to stay safe during this time. Please note, that I’m not a licensed health care provider, therefore my recommendations should not be taken seriously. It’s just my logical thinking.

If you are over 60 years old, isolate yourself as soon as you can. Do not wait for an official government lockdown notice. Do not let kids and grandkids come over to your place. Younger folks may not exhibit any symptoms, but they may pass the virus to you. Stock up dry non-perishable foods, water, medicines, etc. If you need to buy something, order online and have the products delivered to you. One of the most important thing is self-hygiene and fresh air. Viruses hate that!

For other people, avoid highly dense public places such as churches, movie theaters, conferences, concerts, and AIRPORTS!!! Don’t not travel.

If you work in the office, ask your employer to work from home and only go to the office for urgent matters. 80% of office work can be done from home. If you absolutely have to go to the office, go in off-peak times. Even if you drive, others take public transit. They may infect you in the office and that’s when shit hits the fan. Have lunch at work, don’t go out to restaurants. When interacting with other colleges, make sure to keep safe distance from each other. I would suggest at least 3 meters from each other. No handshakes, no kisses, none of that nature.

If you have vacation days, take those, then take non-paid leave of absence for about a month. You may be even entitled for EI benefits. This is probably the time to tap into your Emergency funds. You should have savings for situations like this.

The last tip is don’t panic. Panicking over this virus is worse than the virus itself.

Please add your own recommendations in the comment sections. We can learn from each other.


  1. wash your dam hands! Eat your veggies, don't smoke, enjoy life and stay away from Italian sausages. (jk)

    All the best everyone, this will pass soon enough.

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