Portfolio Value Update - November 2016

Portfolio Value
Hello my fellow investors! Another month is in the books and I'm happy to post another portfolio value update. As of November 31, 2016 my dividend portfolio balance stood at $37,745.91. That’s an increase of $1,798 compared to last month. Not bad compared to the previous month. My portfolio have recovered from October sell-off and continued to rally higher. By the way, the 37K level is a new record for me. I'm slowly approaching a round number of 40K. It should take a few more months to get there.

Dividend income is a passive income for which I don’t have to work for. In November, I received a total of $192.04 in dividends vs $141.15 for the same period a year ago. That's an increase of $50 or 35% on year-over-year basis.

My total Year-to-Date dividend stands at $1,916.75. This is pretty cool because I was forecasting to receive $2000 in dividends in 2016. With one more month ahead of us, I will surely surpass my goal.

In November, I added $800 of fresh capital to my TFSA account. The maximum amount that I can contribute in 2016 is $5,500. Since I have contribution room from prior years, I will continue to add $800 per month until I reach my maximum contribution.

My Investment Account (TFSA)
My portfolio consists of 28 Canadian dividend paying stocks. Most of my stocks pay dividends on monthly basis. This allows me to collect dividends and reinvest them into dividend paying stocks more rapidly.

Do you remember me investing in energy stock for the past few months? I think it started to pay off. I was expecting OPEC to make a decision to cut the oil production and they reached a deal a few days ago. As a result, the energy stocks spiked. So now, in order for me to buy more of these energy stocks, I need to wait until the prices settle down. Anyway, let me share with your what I bought in November. It's an interesting buy because I was waiting for that stock to come down for at least a year.

In November, I decided to invest Smart REIT (SRU.UN.TO). In short, Smart REIT owns a lot of retail centers and they keep on growing. The stock priced at the reasonable level. Just last summer, SRU was trading at $38 per share and today the stock trades at $30 per share. To me, that's a sweet deal so I decided to jump in and take advantage of a 20 discount. Why not? For the same amount of cash I can buy more shares and enjoy higher dividend payout.

That's it for this month. Thanks guys for reading and leaving your comments. I appreciate your thoughts and support on my updates.


  1. It looks like you have some fantastic yield. Making almost $200 in dividends off of $37k invested is impressive.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. The yield looks high because some of my holdings are down. Once those holdings recover, the yield will slowly decrease. I'm aiming at 5.5% yield.

  2. Keep of the great work. Your portfolio has impressive growth. Happy to see you will go over $2,000 in dividends this year.