A Little Favor For My Wife

Hey guys! I have a little favor to ask. My wife, Elena, runs an Etsy shop. She makes handmade banners as a hobby and sells on Etsy. She recently started a YouTube channel to showcase her work. The channel is new and requires at least 100 subscribers to unlock some of the features to help grow the channel.

So if you have a Gmail account, it would help a lot if you could subscribe to her YouTube channel. You don’t have to watch the videos. And you can unsubscribe when she reaches 100 subscribers threshold.

Right now. she only has six subscribers so every new subscriber would be a great help. 

I did not tell her that I asked you the favor. So it’s a total surprise for her!

Here's Her YouTube Channel

So how is the stock market these days? Is your portfolio up this month?


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    1. Thank you for for the sub! She will be excited when she finds out :)

  2. Huge thanks to everyone who subscribed. Elena is very happy with every new sub on her channel. She now has 11 subscribers. 89 more to go :)

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    1. Thanks, Matt! She just texted me *One more :)* Thank you for the help. I didn't tell her about this yet.