Portfolio Value Update - July 2016

Portfolio Value
As of July 31, 2016 my dividend portfolio balance stands at $34,447.00. That’s an increase of $1,027 from the previous month. I’m pleased with my portfolio performance even though it got a slight hit for the last three days. Just last week my portfolio value exceeded $35K for the first time in my investment journey. Every 5K for me is a new milestone. I also received the highest monthly dividend so far. I’m getting very close to that $200/month dividend.

Alaris Royalty - A buying opportunity?

Good day guys! If you’re a Canadian investor and you own Alaris Royalty stock in your portfolio, you probably aware of the negative market reaction following the announcement of their Q2 earnings. Personally, I think the numbers are not that bad. Their net operating income decreased by 2.9% and the stock price went down a whooping 13%! If Alaris Royalty stays at the same level in August, I will put more fresh capital into the stock. I think this is great buying opportunity.

New Purchase: Artis Reit

On July 21, I initiated a new position in ARTIS REIT (AX-UN.TO). Artis' assets portfolio is well diversified. They own quality office, retail, and industrial properties. I purchased 70 units at $13.69 per unit. This purchase will add around $6 to my monthly income.

Portfolio Value Update - June 2016

Portfolio Value
By the end of June 30, 2016, my dividend portfolio balance was at $33,419.92. That’s an increase of $1,256 from the previous month. To be honest, I was surprised to see a net capital gain in my portfolio this month. The market got hit because of the Brexit, but then reversed most of the loses just before the month end. But regardless of the market swings, my dividend income is growing each month. That’s what important for dividend investor like me.