Portfolio Value Update - January 2020

Oh boy! January 2020 is already behind us. How did you like the start of the New Year? I think we started the year on a sour note. The conflict between US and Iran; the plane and the helicopter crash; the coronavirus outbreak. I feel bad for people who lost lives to this virus. It’s terrible. The death rate among infected is very high. I’m confident doctors and scientists will come up with antibodies very soon. This needs to stop so people could go back to their normal lives.

Portfolio Value
In January, my portfolio value increased by $8,414 and closed at $91,513. The majority of the increase came from new TFSA contribution of $6,000. The rest of the increase came from stocks appreciation. In the past, I would contribute to my TFSA every month to buy stocks. This year I decided to max out my TFSA contribution limit right away.