Maxed out my TFSA, No Nore Monthly Contributions, and New Stock Purchases

Maxed out my TFSA
Hey guys! I would like to provide a few updates regarding my TFSA account and new stock purchases. If you follow my blog for a long time, you know that I make monthly contributions and stock purchases in my TFSA account. This time, I decided to make some changes and maxed out my TFSA right away. One of the main advantages is that I will boost my income and will collect higher payouts throughout the year.

The Bumpy Start of 2020!

What a rough start of 2020! The tension between the US and Iran, the killing of an Iranian general, the missile attacks on American bases in Iraq and the latest downing of the Ukrainian plane killing all 176 people on board including 63 Canadian citizens. All of this will contribute to the market downturn in the next few weeks. So far the markets were resistant to all the negative news related to the Middle East. I believe it’s the plane crash that will unleash the market selloff.

Portfolio Value Update - December 2019

Hey everyone! Welcome back. I hope you’re all enjoying the time off this holiday season. December 2019 and a whole decade is now behind us! Wow, what a journey it was. We made a lot of progress in personal and financial front. With that being said, it’s time to report my monthly update, but first, Cheers to the next decade! May the new decade give you the strength and motivation to focus on your ultimate plan towards financial independence.

Portfolio Value
In December, my portfolio value decreased by $574 and closed at $83,098.59. Not bad, considering that in November my portfolio value increased by more than $3,000. I was anticipating a greater decline in value due to the sell-off season, so as far as the portfolio value goes, I’m happy the way we finished the year.