August Stock Purchases

Well, the market started to show some weakness and I decided to buy some stocks. As you may know, I have two investment accounts. One is TFSA and the other one is a regular taxable account. I decided to add energy stocks because they are down the most at the moment. So here’s what I bought.

In my TFSA account, I bought 16 shares of TC Energy (TRP.TO) for $58.45 per share. That’s a bit more than what I paid a year ago, but considering that it was $64 two months ago, then it’s not that bad. With this purchase I now have 46 shares of TRP and I plan to add more if the stock falls further. This purchase also adds $13.92 in dividends per quarter or $55.68 per year.

TC Energy operates natural gas, oil, and power generation assets in Canada and the United States. The firm operates more than 60,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines, more than 650 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage, and about 4,200 megawatts of electric power.

The second purchase was Enbridge (ENB.TO) in my regular account. I bought 52 shares of ENB for $47.74 per share and with this purchase I now have 105 ENB shares in total. This is a full position for me and I plan to hold that company for many years to come. With additional shares, I’m expected to earn $43.40 per quarter or $173.60 per year.


Enbridge owns extensive midstream assets that transport hydrocarbons across the U.S. and Canada. Its pipeline network consists of the Canadian Mainline system, regional oil sands pipelines, and natural gas pipelines. The company also owns and operates a regulated natural gas utility and Canada's largest natural gas distribution company. Finally, the firm has a small renewables portfolio primarily focused on onshore and offshore wind projects.

Portfolio Value Update - July 2021

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the summer. July is now behind us and it’s time to report my monthly progress.

Portfolio Value
In July, my portfolio value increased by $1,623 from $126,904 to $128,527. The increase is attributed exclusively to stocks appreciation. I did not add any new funds to my accounts.

Dividends received in July 2021: $452.58
Dividends received in July 2020: $414.29
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $38.29 or 9.24%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $3,190.84

The dividend growth rate has slowed down to just under 10% compared to last year. This is because I haven’t bought new stocks in a while. I will probably buy more stock this month to bump up my dividends.