Three More Income Sources to Grow my Portfolio

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about exploring new income sources to increase my earnings and potentially increase my contributions towards my investment portfolio. Even earning $100 or $200 a month from other sources can make a big different in portfolio growth. Once the online income is on auto-pilot, it can grow on its own. Let's explore those options.

So far there are three sources that I'm working on.

1. PTC (Paid-To-Click)

2. Surveys

3. Adsense

Recent Purchase: Plaza REIT

I usually make one purchase per month. One of my key principles of investing is value and stable dividends. Before I buy something new, I like to analyse my own portfolio to see if there are any stocks on sale.

Setting a Target Price
I kept on eye on Plaza REIT since the March of 2017 when it started to drop below $5 dollars. I set myself a target price. If it drops below $4.50 I will be a buyer. PLZ became very attractive when it dropped below $4.50 and I took advantage of it.

Exploring Online Income Streams

What’s going on guys?

I just wanted to drop in and announce that I will be exploring online income streams to increase my earnings.

Side hustles are important to have more income.

I will use the extra cash from online sites to increase my portfolio contributions.

Portfolio Value Update - June 2017

The month of June have passed and it's time for me to report my dividend investing progress. I'm pleased with my June report even though we experienced many volatile days on the TSX. Despite the ups and downs, mostly down days, my portfolio performed very well. I also received a record dividend income from my stocks.