Recent Purchase - Pizza Pizza (TSE:PZA)

Today I bought one of the most hated stock on the TSX. You probably guessed it, it’s Pizza Pizza Royalty. I want to build a solid position in Pizza Pizza and the recent slide from $12 to $9 opened up a new buying opportunity for me to buy more shares. So I bought 100 shares for $9.49 per share and called it a day.

Problems with Pizza Pizza
When I think of Pizza Pizza, there could be a few reasons why the market doesn’t like it.
First: Minimum wage hike in Ontario from $11 to $14 – hurts the bottom line.
Second: Increased pizza prices – less traffic now.
Third: Payout ratio is 106%.

How to Make More Money with Adsense

A lot of bloggers, including myself, are using Google Adsense to make some money from ads. For a long time, I’ve been placing ads manually, in specific places of this blog. My manual ad placements didn’t perform very well because my ads never made more than a few bucks per month. But it all changed when I decided to switch to Auto-Ads.

Last week I logged in to my Adsense account and found out about the new feature called Auto-Ads. Auto-Ads is a cool feature and it’s easy to use. All you got to do is place an <html> code to your website and the program will decide on your behalf where to place ads. That’s why my ads are randomized every time you go to my blog. Sometimes these ads could appear in awkward places. 

Anyway, I’ve been testing Auto-Ads for a week now and I noticed that my stats have improved big time! And this is why I decided to share with you. Maybe this is something you would like to try as well and see if you start to earn more money from Adsense. Let me know if you try it. That would be very exciting if you could increase your adsense earnings. Because higher earnings means more moola in your pocket to buy stocks and increase your dividends.

Acura Update #3 – All Repairs Completed

Hey guys! Well here we go. All repairs are done and the car is ready to be plated.

I’m just missing the fog lights, but I will take care of that later. I’ll either get a set from the scrapyard, or I will just get the covers to cover the holes.

The quarter panel has been primed and painted and it came out really good and all body pieces were put back together.

Luckily, the existing bumper and fender were in repairable condition.

A new headlight was built from two headlights. We used the housing and the xenon ballast from the old headlight.

Also, the dent on the wheel was fixed and the car is back on its original 17” rims.

Acura Update #2

If you missed Update #1, here it is

The car is at the shop ready to be repaired. As you can see it in the picture, the frame is not damaged at all. Even the bumper reinforcement is straight. I found a used headlight on kijiji to replace the damaged one. The wheel is at the repair shop to fix the dent, this is why the car is still on a spare rim. The existing bumper and fender will be fixed.

Portfolio Value Update - October 2018

Welcome back, guys! It’s time for October update! And what a turbulent month it was! Did you feel it? I certainly did. The TSX has lost over 1,000 points in October. That chart looks choppy, but luckily we got a relief rally in the last two trading sessions. Should we be scared? No! Markets usually behave that way every year in October, then rallies in November and sell off again in December. I think October was a great month to buy good quality stocks.

Portfolio Value
As of October 31, 2018 my investment portfolio balance stood at $61,698.00. The portfolio value decreased by $1,471.00 from last month. Not bad, considering the stock market dropped by 6.5% in October and my portfolio dropped by 2.3%. I think markets will do better in November.