Portfolio Value Update - July 2020

Welcome back, guys! Wow. It’s already August. Are you kidding me? July is gone and we’re heading towards the end of summer again. That’s nuts. We’re skipping out on a lot of activities this summer because of the pandemic. Montreal is the worst hit city in the country so we avoid all non-essential travels and activities for now. Anyway, let’s see how my stock portfolio performed in July and how much dividends I received.

Portfolio Value
In July, my stock portfolio value increased by $4,003 and closed at $87,373. I added $3,000 worth of new stocks, the rest of the increase came from capital gains. I’m only a few grand away from all-time high of $91,000 that I had in January 2020. The stock market gained some traction in July. Let’s see if it will continue to do well in August. The Q2 reports are coming out. They are ugly, but I don’t think that investors will negatively react to the bad quarter reports. We all understand that the economy will rebound as soon as A: we have a vaccine or B: we have an effective treatment or C: the spreading stops naturally, just like all other pandemics in the past.