Last Stock Trades of 2021

Hey guys! I swapped some stocks today and wanted to share my trades before the end of the year.

First Trade:
I sold Northland Power (NPI.TO) and used the cash to add to my 3 existing positions. Nothing wrong with the company. Northland Power is a great renewal energy play; however, I have other names in mind that I’m more excited about. I sold 100 shares of NPI.TO for $37.50 per share and bought Algonquin Power (AQN.TO), Smart Centers REIT (SRU.UN.TO), and First National (FN.TO). I equally allocated $3,750 into those three companies. Algonquin Power is a similar energy company, but trades at better valuation. Smart Center is the best retail REIT in Canada, but I’m very excited about they future projects. They are capable of building neighborhoods and they proved to be resilient during the pandemic. First National is the biggest non-bank lender and is my favorite lending stock. I love that each year they return excess capital to shareholders in form of a special dividend.

Second Trade:
I swapped Dream Office REIT (D.UN.TO) for Dream Industrial REIT (DIR.UN.TO). Dream Office is a pure office play and going forward I don’t want any exposure to office REIT because of the pandemic and work-at-home trend. Dream Industrial is a pure industrial play and I have no problems holding the stock for many years because industrial properties don’t have the same risks that office properties have.

Third Trade:
I swapped Gibson Energy (GEI.TO) for Pembina Pipeline (PPL.TO). Both companies are in energy infrastructure, but I believe Pembina is a better company. So, I decided to consolidate my energy exposure and add to my PPL.TO position.

Trades Summary:

Sell 100 shares of NPI.TO for $37.50 per share
Buy 65 shares of AQN.TO for $18.49 per share
Buy 40 shares of SRU.UN.TO for $31.97 per share
Buy 30 shares of FN.TO for $41.65 per share
Sell 45 shares of D.UN.TO for $24.01 per share
Buy 65 shares of DIR.UN.TO for $16.91 per share
Sell 55 shares of GEI.TO for $22.63 per share
Buy 32 shares of PPL.TO for $38.91 per share

December 2021 Stock Purchases

Hey guys! I bought some stocks recently and wanted to provide a short update. Everything was bought in a taxable account because my TFSA is maxed out. I already saved up enough money to max out my TFSA account in January 2022. In January 2022, the TFSA contribution room goes up by another $6,000.

In total I bought seven companies. This time I wanted to focus on insurance companies and bought three insurance stocks: MFC, GWO, and IAG. I already own MFC so I added a bit to my position, but the other two GWO and IAG are my first buys. Eventually I will add more of GWO and IAG.

Apart from insurance stocks, I also added to my AQN, NFI and TRP positions simply because the prices are too good to pass on. I really like that trio at the current prices.

The last company I bought is The North West NWC. This is an interesting play in the retail sector. I found this company during my screening process. It's basically a value retailer in rural communities in Northern and Western Canada, as well as Alaska, Sought Pacific Islands and Caribbean. Their banner name include North Mart, Giant Tiger, Alaska Commercial, Cost U Less, RiteWay and more. You can think of it as Walmart but up north. It's a small position for now, but eventually I would like to grow it to over a 100 shares.

Here's the screen shot from my brokerage account:

Portfolio Value Update - November 2021

Portfolio Value
In November, my portfolio value decreased by $2,263 from $134,430 to $132,167. The stock market performed very well the first two weeks and then dropped by more than 1000 points by the end of the month which negatively affected my portfolio value. This time it was a new corona variant that started this selloff. No complaints here; let the markets sink a little because I’m on a buying mode.

Dividends received in November 2021: $479.27
Dividends received in November 2020: $418.76
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $60.51 or 14%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $5,058.19