Portfolio Value Update - September 2020

Portfolio Value 
In September, my stock portfolio value increased by $528 and closed at $88,658. The stock market was volatile in September due to uncertainties about the second wave of the pandemic and the possibility of another lockdown. But, overall my portfolio came out on top, generating a slight growth. I did not add any cash, but I’m saving for next year’s TFSA contribution.

Dividends received in September 2020: $428.27
Dividends received in September 2019: $363.00
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $65.27 or 17.98%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $3,690.54

I couldn’t be happier about the dividend growth rate. My TFSA account is maxed out; therefore I only reinvest the dividends every three months. I’ve reached a level where I reinvest $1,200 every quarter from dividends alone.

AdSense Earnings
Adsense earnings from the blog: $0.52
Adsense earnings from YouTube: $623.24
Total AdSense earnings: $623.76

My AdSense earnings increased by 366% compared to last year from $133.74 to $623.76. My YouTube channel is now making more money than my stock portfolio. In September, my videos got 491.5K views and the channel gained 1.6K new subscribers. But it does come at a cost! I’m working on my channel pretty much daily. I film once a week and then I edit my videos every night when kids are in bed.

That’s it for September update! Let me know what you think of my progress. Feel free to share your progress in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and take care!