Portfolio Value Update - February 25, 2014

Today my Dividend Portfolio increased by $79.71 to $14,870.37.

Another gain day on the market. The TSX index closed down 38.10 points, but my portfolio still managed to close higher. This is due to heavy weighted position in VSN which gained another 18 cents today.

The best performer of the day was ECI.TO, up by 1.47% or 15 cents to $10.34. I wrote a few weeks ago, when the stock was approaching $10 level again, that the resistance will be broken this time and the share price will continue to go up. And that's exactly what happened. My next price target for EnerCare is $11.50.


Liquor Stores
The worst performer of the day was LIQ.TO, down by 1.59% or 20 cents to $12.36. There are rumours in BC that grocery stores will be allowed to sell liquor. This will impact company's sales of liquor products. I have a very small position in LIQ and I might sell it for a loss if the law in BC will be adapted.

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