Portfolio Value Update - March 7, 2014

Today my Dividend Portfolio increased by $58.64 to $14,533.44.

The best performer of the day was ECI.TO, up by 4.08% or 42 cents to $10.71. Enerace is advancing further after a record 2013 year end results and the announcement of 4% dividend increase. They are doing a great job with dividend increases. Value wise, Enercare is the third best performing stock of my portfolio, after VSN and STB. Way to go, ECI!

BNN Market Call
Today, Enercare was recommended on BNN's Market Call as a Top Pick. Here's what Michael Sprung had to say about the company: "Enercare is focused on the securitizing and renting of water heaters and sub-meters (primarily in multi-residential buildings). Results have been improving as attrition in rentals has been dramatically reduced. Sub-metering is growing and debt has been reduced. We anticipate that the stock will continue to reflect the ongoing improvements in Enercare's operations."

The worst performer of the day was VSN.TO, down by 1.67% or 27 cents to $15.90. I recently reduced my holding by 50%, but it's still a large chunk of my portfolio. If the stock doesn't pick up next week, I will reduce by another 1/3 of my holding and invest in something else. Time to do the  research on other Canadian Dividend Stocks :)

Other important price movements:

There are 2 more stocks I would like to cover today. Although they are not the best performers of the day, they are still worth mentioning.

First and foremost - Student Transportation - STB.TO. I've been patiently waiting for a long time for this stock to go higher and today is finally the day. This is a very important move because that emphasizes the strength of the break up. It held above resistance level for 4 days and closed at 12 months high.

Another important price action I wanted to write about is WJX.TO. I've been waiting for this stock to go higher since October 2013. Back then when the stock rallied from $33 to $37, it failed to break the resistance however, the price managed to stay above the 50 day moving average most of the time. So today the stock is at 6 months high, has embarked of the 4x4 SUV for the next $44 target.


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