Portfolio Value Update - July 8, 2014

Today my Dividend Portfolio decreased by $84.70 to $17,503.75.
The markets are down for the second consecutive day. I think this is just profit taking, but the long-term fundamentals are strong. The earning season is coming up soon and investors are selling shares. A lot of shares pulled back to their support levels so technically the markets should bounce back tomorrow. If they don't, then it we could have a more serious correction in the near future. And that, will be a buying opportunity.

The best performer of the day was ECI.TO, up by 0.74% or 9 cents to $12.24. Enercare is slowly but surely moving higher, ignoring the market correction. For anyone who is looking to buy ECI shares, I would wait for a little pull back. Or, buy 50% position here and 50% position on a pull back. This way you start to collect some dividends while you wait for a pull back.

Lightstream Resources
The worst performer of the day was LTS.TO, down by 2.94% or 24 cents to $7.91. 

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