Dividend Portfolio Update - April 2015

Dividend Portfolio Value
As at April 30, 2015, my dividend portfolio balance is at $21,438.60, up by about $1,200 from the previous month. The main increase in portfolio value was caused by the new contribution of $800 to my Tax-Free Savings Account. The other portion of the increase came from oil stocks and dividends. Oil stocks like BTE, CPG, and FRU played a major role for my portfolio to increase in value. The crude oil also rebounded as of late, from $48 per barrel back in March to $59 per barrel today. There’s no more bad press about the oil so the fear factor is out of the way. We’ll see in May if the oil will continue its trend. The 200 day-moving-average is at $69 which is a long way to go, but given the fact that we are entering the soft market season, the oil might pullback to the 50 dollar mark.

My Investment Account (TFSA)
My TFSA consists of 22 Canadian dividend paying stocks. Most of my stocks pay dividends on monthly basis. This allows me to collect dividends and reinvest them into dividend paying stocks more rapidly. I will pursue my strategy for this year and the next, until I double monthly dividends to $200 per month. Then I will be adding Utilities and Banks to my portfolio.

For the month of April, I received a total of $112.94 in dividends vs $91.72 for the same period a year ago. That's an increase of $21.22 or 23% on year-over-year basis. My total Year-to-Date dividend income for 2015 is $435.76. All dividends are reinvested back into dividend paying stocks.

Dividend increases
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp. (PZA.TO) announced a 1.9% in its monthly dividend. The dividend per share will increase to $0.068 per month from $0.0667. On annualized basis, the dividend will increase to $0.816 from $0.8004.

During the month of April, I contributed $800 to my TFSA. My objective for 2015 is to contribute $6,000. So far, the total contribution for 2015 is $3,200. If I continue to put $800 per month, I will reach my contribution objective by August 2015.

The federal government increased the yearly contribution limit for the TFSA account. I can now contribute $10,000 per year instead of $5,500 per year. My objective for 2015 was to contribute a total amount of $6,000, but we’ll see how it goes with the money. I might continue to put $800 per month until the end of the year to reach almost $10,000! With the increase contribution room, I will achieve my long-term goal a lot sooner.

Medical Facilities (DR.TO)

I bought 50 shares of DR at $17 per share. I decided to take advantage of a recent pullback in share price. Medical Facilities own private surgical clinics in the States and their business model is very solid. Medical Facilities has a 6.88% dividend yield and this purchase will bring additional $4.68 per month in dividend income.

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