New Shopping Centre by FCR.TO

First Capital Realty is one the REITs that I hold in my dividend stocks portfolio. They recently redesigned one of their properties here in Montreal so I decided to go and check it out. Instead of explaining how it looked like before, I decided to show it in pictures.

Here’s the old look of the shopping centre:

As you can see, this mall had a grocery store and some other businesses anchored to it. It had a big parking lot which was always empty. In other words, the place was simply boring!

And here comes a new development:

The new shopping centre is stunning; well build modern architecture, nice landscaping and patios to enjoy a nice weather.


  1. Beautiful building. I drive in front of it daily. Thinking I should invest in this REIT now. lol

    1. Hey thanks for commenting. The stock had a nice runup lately. I would wait for a pullback to get in. Good luck!