Recent Purchase: Morguard REIT

The second purchase of the year is in the books. Today I bought 70 shares of Morguard REIT (MRT.UN.TO) for $13.33 per share. I took advantage of the recent market volatility and decided to double my position in MRT. My total position in MRT is now 140 shares.

Thank you Mr. Market Volatility because I was able to double my position with less capital. The first time I bought MRT was in June of 2017. Back then, I paid $14.80 per share. Today, the same amount of shares costed me a $100 less. Now I need to figure out how to spend an extra $100.

What I like about Morguard REIT is that their business is well diversified. They have exposure in industrial properties, offices, residential buildings, and shopping malls. MRT pays a monthly dividend of $0.08 per share so this purchase will add $5.60 to my monthly income.


  1. This is a name I have been following for some time. Going to have to look at it again when I get some new $$$ to spend.
    Nice buy!

  2. It definitely looks like a good time to buy REITs. I believe they are being driven down by the fear of increase in interest rate. I am just not sure where the bottom is.

    1. REIT is my favorite way to get exposure into real estate. No landlord nightmares :)