Recent Stock Purchase - Emera (EMA.TO)

Last week I started a new position in utility company. I purchased 23 shares of Emera (EMA.TO) for $42.65 per share. Emera is serving customers in Canada, the U.S, and the Caribbean. 

Utility sector will be under pressure for a while because of the interest rates slowly going up. Since my exposure to utilities is very small, it’s a good opportunity for me to pick up great utility companies such as Emera, Canadian Utilities, and Fortis. Utility stocks are down 15% to 20% from their highs and trade at historically low valuations. 

What are your thoughts about the utility sector? Would you buy them right now or wait for better entry points?


  1. This is the time to be buying CU, FTS and EMA. Good strategy and I've been doing the same in our retirement accounts. I don't own EMA yet but with new dividend income I will be buying. All the best:)

    1. Thanks Speculator! It's very rare when utilities are on sale. These are good buys right now.

  2. nice German.

    I own emera and think they are a great stock at a good value now.
    Also nice to see you diversifying away from reits.

    well a bit haha!

    keep stacking them divs.

    1. Hey! Right now I see better value in utilities compared to REITs. Surprisingly, for the past 3 months, most of my REIT went up in price, so utilities seemed to be like a better choice. I plan to buy FTS and CU as well, probably in the coming months. Cheers!