Recent Purchase: Laurentian Bank

Hey guys! Just a quick update about my latest purchase. I increased my position in Laurentian Bank by purchasing 28 shares at $44.51 per share. I bought this bank for the same reasons I stated last month, except that I was able to buy it cheaper. At this price, the bank offers a 5.75% dividend yield which is fully covered and safe. I now own a total of 92 shares of Laurentian Bank which equates to 6% portfolio weight. My position in LB is now full, but I also plan to start new positions in other Canadian banks.

For the next few months, I will be looking to average down some of my losing positions. Stocks like Pizza Pizza, Morguard REIT, Crescent Point, and Cominar are really getting attractive.

That’s it for today! Cheers!


  1. nice German

    great addition at current prices.

    keep on stacking them div's


    1. Thanks! I also bought it just before the ex dividend date. So I'll be getting a nice payout in October.