Portfolio Value Update - October 2018

Welcome back, guys! It’s time for October update! And what a turbulent month it was! Did you feel it? I certainly did. The TSX has lost over 1,000 points in October. That chart looks choppy, but luckily we got a relief rally in the last two trading sessions. Should we be scared? No! Markets usually behave that way every year in October, then rallies in November and sell off again in December. I think October was a great month to buy good quality stocks.

Portfolio Value
As of October 31, 2018 my investment portfolio balance stood at $61,698.00. The portfolio value decreased by $1,471.00 from last month. Not bad, considering the stock market dropped by 6.5% in October and my portfolio dropped by 2.3%. I think markets will do better in November.

Dividends received in October 2018: $291.13
Dividends received in October 2017: $219.73
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $71.40 or 32%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $2,632.31

Man… dividends never disappoint. They always roll in. No matter what the stock market does. That’s why I like to invest in dividend paying stocks. I get paid while I wait for stocks to go higher.

Every month I transfer $700 of fresh capital to my TFSA account. I plan to keep that pace until the end of the year. Next year I will adjust my contributions, depending on 2019 TFSA limit.

On October 17th I bought 26 shares of Emera (TSE:EMA). It was a great opportunity to buy EMA during the sell-off. I increased my holding size to 49 shares and lowered the average cost to $40.69 per share. I’m looking forward to adding Emera shares on weakness because my position is not full yet. I would like to own at least 100 shares in that company.

Dividend Increase and Special Dividend
First National (TSE:FN) increased the dividend from $1.85 to $1.90 and they also announced a special dividend of $1 per share, payable in December. I have 85 shares in First National, meaning I will receive $85 on top of the regular dividends. The company also paid a special dividend last year. That's how they return excess capital to their shareholders. Sweet!!

Portfolio Performance Charts

YouTube Channel Update
YouTube has reviewed and approved my channel for monetization. My videos are not showing ads yet, but once they do, it will add more earnings to my Adsense account. I plan to report my Adsense earnings from the blog and YouTube once everything is set up. That’s another great source of passive income. Last year I was averaging $10/month from YouTube when my channel had 400 subscribers and 400 of watched minutes per day. Now my channel has 1,200 subscribers and over 2,000 of watched minutes per day. I wonder if my YouTube earnings will triple as well.


That's it for October! I'm looking forward to read how you did in October! Take care!


  1. German, you nailed it "Man… dividends never disappoint. They always roll in. No matter what the stock market does. That’s why I like to invest in dividend paying stocks. I get paid while I wait for stocks to go higher." Following your post I am gong to reevaluate TSE:FN. And there were capital losses in our dividend portfolio in October, but who cares. Dividends flow has not changed because of Mr. Market mood. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, AIS! When the market is in bad mood, it's a buying opportunity :)

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  3. nice German

    great yr over year growth.

    Wow thats sweet with your youtube channel. If you get 30 bucks a month that aint bad at all.

    what is your chnanel about?

    1. My channel is about plane spotting. When I have some free time, I take my camera gear to the airport and record different airplane movements. Then, in post production, I make compilations and upload on YouTube. Here's one of the videos that I recently made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4GwGm78yHg


  4. Nice steady dividend growth combined with low volatiliy. That's good. You're on the right track.