New Stock Purchase: Morguard REIT (MRT.UN.TO)

Bonjour! Welcome back to the blog! This post will be short. Just a follow up on my monthly stock purchase. Today I bought Morguard REIT; the most discounted REIT in Canada. If you recall, last month I wrote a post about the cheapest REIT in Canada. Since I have a small position in that stock, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to add more shares while the price is still depressed.

Stock Purchase
Today I bought 70 shares of MRT.UN.TO for $12.40 per share. Now I have 210 shares of Morguard at an average cost of $13.50. The company pays 8 cents per share so the new purchase will boost my monthly dividend income by $5.60. Let me know what you think about Morguard. 


  1. nice German. Continuing to stack those reits.

    I know someone who worked for morguard for a long time but got laid off awhile ago. He still says good things about them.

    keep stacking those divs!
    cheers man

    1. Hey! Initially I wanted to buy Royal Bank, but I'm not ready to pay $107 per share. My last RY purchase was $96 and change and that seemed to be expensive too. I'll wait for a better price to add to my bank position. So the alternative was this Morguard REIT at 50% discount to NAV. Not bad! People will continue to shop at shopping malls.

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    1. Hi, I'm glad tou find my blog helpful. You want to know the amount of dividends received this quarter, or the stocks that pay dividends at the end of this quarter? Thanks