Recent Sale and New Buy!

Hey guys! There was some movement in my investment portfolio. I did some selling and buying today. Let’s start with a sale.

Unfortunately, I sold all my shares in this company. They are in the process of being acquired by Cortland Partners. Pure Multi-Family was a great publicly-traded company with lots of potential and good dividend. I knew that they were going to be acquired this year. They did receive an offer last year, but it didn’t go through. REITs like that don’t stay on the market for too long. I really like their properties. They mainly focus on resort-style apartment communities, like in the picture below.

The Sale
I had 245 shares of Pure that I purchased in 2016 and 2017. Back then I paid $6.62 and $8.47 per share. Today I sold them for $10.03. My capital gain is $570 and the dividend income is $303. The total return on investment is $873 or 45% after three years of owning the stock. It’s not a bad deal, but I will miss this high-quality residential REIT.

I decided to replace the stock with another multi-family REIT. Northview is the third largest residential REIT in Canada. They mainly focus on northern territories, as the title suggests, and key secondary markets. I checked the properties they own and I like them. The buildings are well maintained, the units are renovated and the rents are fairly priced. They pay a good dividend too. Right now it's at 6% yield with a payout ratio of only 42.6%. 

The Buy 
I had enough funds to buy 125 shares of NVU. The money came from the sale of RUF, plus my monthly contribution and the dividends. All in, I had $3,400 to play with. With this purchase, I added $16.97 per month in dividends but I lost about $9 per month from RUF sale.

Let me know what you think about Northview. Do you own the stock? Have you noticed any of their properties in your area?


  1. A nice REIT swap here for you DIS. I don't know anything about the two companies, so I'm going to trust your decision making process on these!


    1. Thanks, Bert. Both reits are very solid companies. Too bad one of them will be taken private.

  2. Been a HUGE fan of NVU for years. I had it on my watch list when it was around 14.00. One of my biggest regrets was not buying it back then:(

    1. WOW, NVU for $14, those days are long gone! Northview is growing rapidly, expanding into primary markets as well. So the price will continue to go up. If you get a change to grab some shares in low twenties, that would be nice.