Had an Accident this Morning!

Not my fault. I was rear ended! I'm Fine!!

My car!!

This is the car I built last year. Some of you may remember it.  I put so much effort restoring it.

On top of that, it's my birthday today. If you happy and you know clap your hands "clap, clap".

Anyway, I will have insurance company estimate repair cost. I don't think it's totaled. But it will cost a few grand replacing the trunk and the bumper.

Luckily, the rear quarters are intact, so replacing the parts should do the trick. It's an unexpected hustle added to my daily hustles.

Because of that, I may be late posting my August update! Take care, guys! Be safe! Catch you later!


  1. Dam man. What a great bday. Hope your feeling ok. Heres hoping the cars a speedy fix and back on the road soon.

    happy birthday man

    1. Thanks, Rob. I bringing the car to the estimator tomorrow. We'll see how it goes! Should be fairly fast to fix.

  2. Oh man that is terrible! Glad to hear your alright! Happy Birthday