Portfolio Value Update - January 2020

Oh boy! January 2020 is already behind us. How did you like the start of the New Year? I think we started the year on a sour note. The conflict between US and Iran; the plane and the helicopter crash; the coronavirus outbreak. I feel bad for people who lost lives to this virus. It’s terrible. The death rate among infected is very high. I’m confident doctors and scientists will come up with antibodies very soon. This needs to stop so people could go back to their normal lives.

Portfolio Value
In January, my portfolio value increased by $8,414 and closed at $91,513. The majority of the increase came from new TFSA contribution of $6,000. The rest of the increase came from stocks appreciation. In the past, I would contribute to my TFSA every month to buy stocks. This year I decided to max out my TFSA contribution limit right away.

Dividends received in January 2020: $365.63
Dividends received in January 2019: $320.40
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $45.23 or 14.12%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $365.63

The dividend income is still growing at a double digit pace. In the next few months, I will see a boost to dividend income because of the new money invested in January. Going forward, I will let the dividends accumulate in my portfolio until I reach around $1,000 to make new purchases.

AdSense Earnings
Adsense earnings from the blog: $0.14
Adsense earnings from YouTube: $178.02
Total AdSense earnings: $178.16

Adsense earnings from blog is incredibly low, even though the blog traffic has grown over the years. I’m thinking of pulling ads from this blog altogether. What’s the point of them using my space, right?

YouTube earnings, on the other hand, is looking pretty good. $178 from Youtube in one month is a great chunk of cash. It can certainly pay some bills. YouTube earnings grew 4x times compared to January 2019. I continue to work hard, creating new content for YouTube. It’s a slow process, just like dividend stocks.

January was a busy month because I maxed out my TFSA account so I had a lot of cash waiting to be invested. I already posted about my January purchased. So here’s a quick recap of what I bought.

  • 20 shares of Royal Bank (RY.TO) for $104.68 per share
  • 20 shares of Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) for $101.55 per share
  • 39 shares of Fortis (FTS.TO) for $54.42 per share

Increase to Forward Dividend Income
New shares of RY will add $84 to dividend income
New shares of BMO will add $84.80 to dividend income
New shares of FTS will add $74.49 to dividend income
The total amount added to forward dividend income is $243.29



That’s it for January update! Let me know what you think of my progress. Feel free to share your progress in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and take care!


  1. Nicely done, congrats on a solid month! Solid purchases too. :)

  2. nice German

    Great month overall, and nice cash deployment.
    keep it up man

    1. Thanks, Rob. I'll keep it up, man! Need to get more of these good quality stocks :)

  3. Blog, YouTube, Dividends - the growth may be slow, but sure is satisfying!

    Keep it up my friend :)

  4. Well done buddy! Good job of maxing out your TFSA at the beginning of the year. I like the three stocks you bought I own all of them, their annual dividend raises will help grow your income nicely. Question for you have you ever thought about moving your TFSA account to Wealthsimple Trade and pay zero commissions it would allow you to invest your money quicker instead of waiting for it accumulate to $1,000? I forget who your with now! Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey, Matt. Thanks for stopping by. My brokerage account is with Disnat now. I haven't thought of moving it somewhere else. I'm not familiar with Wealthsimple. My only concern about the zero-free-commission is how do they survive? Are they any hidden commissions upon selling the stock?

  5. Damn, gotta love when you can drop the whole TFSA amount down at once. Nice job.
    Those 3 buys are great long term holds. Keep up the great work my man!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The stocks I picked are great. Everybody should own them in their portfolios.