April 11, 2020 Update - Staying at Home, Stock Market and New Camera

Hello guys. I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on over here. We are doing fine, just sitting at home, on a mission to flatten the curve.

Next week, it will be the 7th week of staying at home. For us, the lockdown began a few weeks before an official lockdown. As of March break, we avoided going out because we knew what was coming here. The government was not acting fast enough so we started to isolate ourselves way before the shutdown.

Not tracking the days
I’m not tracking the days anymore. I don’t really care if it’s a Friday or Monday because I know that the next day will be the same. I don’t know for how long this situation will last. I really hope that everybody will just stay inside for a few more weeks to stop the spread of the virus.

Working from home
I continue to work from home, but let me tell you, working from home sucks. I wouldn’t mind just receiving the $2K per month for doing nothing. I do prefer working from the office for various reasons.

Stock market
The stock market is very irrational these days. For the past 3 weeks, despite the bad news, the markets continued to trade higher. Maybe the bad news is not that bad, or maybe the worse was already priced in and we hit the bottom 3 weeks ago. I don’t know. And I’m not buying any new stocks after this rally. I will wait until the markets drop to put new money to work. I have $6K in my brokerage account for new opportunities.

New camera
I’m very excited about the new camera that I ordered today. I want to expand the nature of the videos on my YouTube channel. I want to shoot while driving, but I’m not able to do that with the gear that I have. So, I decided to get a gopro 8 that I will be mounting on my car to film the virtual tours in the city. I ordered the camera online, directly from gopro website. It should take about a week for delivery, or longer, depending on the virus situation. I heard deliveries have slowed down because of the pandemic.

Well, that’s a wrap for today. Stay home, stay safe!


  1. Stay home. Stay safe!
    Glad you are doing okay.

    I agree on holding onto some cash. I expect some big drops once earnings start to get released...


    1. Luckily, the weather here is not that great, makes it easier to stay home.

  2. hey Glad to hear you and the family are still healthy and safe.

    Im ready to get back to work, we just go the go ahead for spring cleanups and lawn cuts but no construction yet... Hopefully that gets passed soon, want to be working fulltime again. Feels weird to be home when its nice outside.

    congrats on the new camera man.
    stay healthy

    1. I'm glad you're going back to work. The feeling from working is satisfying, lol. It sounds weird, but it's nice to be busy than just laying on the couch. Things get boring pretty fast when you're house-bound. I'm still waiting for the new camera. It should arrive on Monday.

  3. Yes, now all days are alike. And this is great if you have the opportunity to work from home so as not to incur losses! These are crazy, unprecedented times that we live in. Stay safe out there, and stay home if you can.

    1. Well, for those that don't work at the moment, the government of Canada is paying $2,000 per person per month. I wouldn't mind that, especially that our expenses dropped by 50%. We stay home and only go out for groceries which we order online and pick up in the parking lot.