New Stocks I Bought in January 2021

Well, I spent a lot of money again. I transferred $6,000 to my brokerage account to max out my TFSA contribution room and I had $1,000 saved up from dividends.

I decided to invest all money at once just like the last year and then every quarter I will reinvest the dividends back into dividend paying stocks to keep the snow ball growing.

The stock market is expensive and it’s getting harder to find good deals. So I picked a few names that are still trading at good valuations and they are the perfect additions to my portfolio.

I added two utilities and one real estate company.

BUY #1: Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. is a Canadian renewable energy and regulated utility conglomerate with assets across North America. Algonquin actively invests in hydroelectric, wind and solar power facilities, and utility businesses, through its two operating subsidiaries: Liberty Power and Liberty Utilities.

Ticker: AQN.TO
Shares Bought: 100
Share’s Price: 22.33
Div Yield: 3.55%
Adds around $78 to yearly income

BUY #2: Canadian Utilities Limited

Canadian Utilities Limited is a member of the ATCO Group of companies. Canadian Utilities Limited is a Canada-based worldwide organization of companies with assets of approximately $7.3 billion and more than 6,500 employees, in three main business divisions: Power Generation, Utilities and Global Enterprises.

Ticker: CU.TO
Shares Bought: 60
Share’s Price: 32.37
Div Yield: 5.43%
Adds around $105 to yearly income

BUY #3: InterRent REIT

InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust is a Canadian real estate investment trust, specializing in residential real estate, and based in Ottawa, Ontario. As of April 2018, it owns 8,800 suites in Ontario and Quebec, worth $1.66 billion.

Ticker: IIP.UN.TO
Shares Bought: 200
Share’s Price: 14.53
Div Yield: 2.25%
Adds around $65 to yearly income


  1. Nice buys! I currently own Algonquin. I sold Canadian Utilities a little while ago as there wasn't much growth in the share price. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You probably got out from it at a higher price. $32 for CU is a good price. I except a 15% return from CU within a year.

  2. way to put that capital to work.

    Don't follow interreent closely but love algonquin and will be buying more in 2021.

    Canadian utilitys I'm debating swapping out. Their 1% raise this year was pretty weak and during this bull run the stock price hasn't even ran.. haha
    Hard to argue with that dividend history though!

    1. Yeah, their dividend track record is fantastic. A raise is a raise. The banks didn't raise at all and they had a big run-up.

  3. I don't think I can buy so many shares from the same company in one shot. But I Work from home with my personal laptop next to me so I can spend an hour daily to add to my positions. For example, last week, I bought $3000 worth of 18 stocks during 3 days. I will do the same in 2021. The reason is simple. I emotionally feel bad when the stock price goes down a lot suddenly. AQN.TO is now $19.71 so the yield is 4.02% rather than 3.55%.
    I am just saying how I do it differently not that your one shot buying is wrong at all. I'd love to compare how it worked out for us by the end of the year or end of 2022.

    1. Usually I buy $1000 worth of stocks in one shot, but in this case I decided to split the money and buy 3 companies instead. The price drop in AQN has to do with the wind farms they have in Texas. There was a snowstorm which impacted their operations. But any price drop is just an opportunity to buy more shares in that company. I have no problem doubling my position if it continues to go lower.