Portfolio Value Update - May 2022

Portfolio Value
In May, my portfolio value increased by $4,250 from $156,143 to $160,393. May was a volatile month for stocks. The markets dipped in mid-May, but then recovered quickly by the end of the month. I’m glad that my portfolio is above the 160K mark.

Dividends received in May 2022: $605.76
Dividends received in May 2021: $475.69
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $130.07 or 27%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $2,890.27

I think it’s a great progress. So far this year, the dividends have been growing at a good pace. I continue to add more capital and reinvest the dividends to fuel future growth. Furthermore, the dividend increases play an important role in dividend growth. A lot of my stocks have raised the dividends this year.


Cash Account:
  • Bought 30 shares of Great West Lifeco (GWO.TO) for $34.45 per share
  • Bought 30 shares of Power Corporation of Canada (POW.TO) for $36.06 per share
  • Bought 40 shares of Saputo (SAP.TO) for $25.68 per share

I decided to put more money into the market because of the compelling prices. Out of the three, the POW.TO and SAP.TO are new positions for me. I believe they trade at good valuations and it’s a good opportunity to accumulate the shares while they’re cheap.

TFSA Account:
  • Bought 15 shares of Telus Corp (T.TO) for $31.42 per share

My TFSA account is maxed out. I just reinvest the dividends. This month I decided to add to my Telus position because the shares dropped from $34 to $31. For Telus - $31 per share is not a bad deal.

Ads Revenue
In May, I collected $478.37 in adsense revenue from my YouTube channel. It was slightly more than in April, but the adsense are on the down trajectory. I feel like June will be a slow month for ads.

May 2022 YouTube Stats:
  • Added 789 New Subscribers
  • $478.37 Revenue
  • Daily Average $15.43


April 2022 Summary
Portfolio Value: $160,393
Dividend Income: $605.76
AdSense Income: $478.37
Combined Income (excluding day job): $1,084.13


That’s it for May update! Let me know what you think of my progress. Feel free to share your progress in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and until next month!


  1. Long time man,
    Hey German great month yet again. Nice purchases, I recently added to our telus position as well.

    Still a sold income from youtube, keep it up

    1. Yeah, it's been a while, Rob. I still follow your progress! Very nice job growing your wealth! Keep it up!