Stocks I want to Buy in March 2018

What’s up guys? I hope everybody is doing fine! My monthly fund contribution is on the way to my brokerage account and it will be cleared in a few days. I will be making a new purchase by the end of this week.

If you remember, back in January 2018, I was debating between Brookfield Properties (BPY) and Plaza Reit (PLZ). Back then I bought BPY and I’m glad I did, because today PLZ’s shares are 10% cheaper.

Today, you can invest in Plaza Reit for just under $4.00 per share and collect 7.11% dividend. Just a few months ago the dividend yield was 6.3% because the shares were more expensive.

Historically, this stock trades between 10 to 20 % premium to its book value. However, at the current share price, the market offers these shares for 13% discount to books. They never been so cheap in the last 5 years.

Plaza Reit also has the cheapest Price/Book ratio among its peers.

Plaza - 0.9 P/B
Riocan – 1.0 P/B
Smart – 1.1 P/B
Choice – 1.2 P/B
CT Reit – 2.4 P/B

With my monthly contribution and accumulated dividends I will have enough cash to buy around 220 shares of Plaza. Let’s hope for the share price to stays below $4.00 before the end of this week.


  1. Hey dis

    With all the talk on this and quite a few people buying it, im seriously interested in starting a position!

    Hope it stays under 4 bucks for ya

    1. Thanks man! Already did! I bought another tranche of shares today for $3.90!

  2. Looks like I started a trend on this stock...haha......good luck hope you get some shares!
    I'm currently dripping 6-7 a month now..
    Good luck!

    1. That's cool! I don't drip, I just do cash because I like to choose how I want to reinvest my dividends. I happy that Plaza trades at these level. My position in PLZ is now full.

  3. Awesome dividend mate. Looks like an awesome time to initiate a new position.

    1. Thanks dg! Thanks for stopping by. I recently bought another tranche of shares so my position in PLZ is now full.

    2. Stock Market SpeculatorApril 15, 2018 at 7:06 AM

      I don't own any REITs. Used to own REF.UN but sold it when it was acquired by Choice or soon to be. When I look at that chart I can't help but wonder if the distributions make up for the capital erosion. That yield is high and makes me want to be cautious. Good luck with it:)