Purchased More Shares of Plaza Reit

Hey guys! Just a quick follow up on my recent purchase. Just like planned, I did purchase another batch of Plaza REIT for $3.90 per share. I had enough money in my account to buy 235 PLZ shares. For me it’s no brainer, under $4 bucks it’s a great buy! The dividend yield is 7% and it’s growing every year. The company have raised the dividend every year since 2003.

On Friday March 24th, I noticed a little rebound in share price. The stock was up 15 cents or 3.88% and closed above $4.00. There was no news to influence the stock price so it could be a normal rally from oversold levels. Anyway, I'm glad I had chance to buy the shares under $4.

My position in Plaza now consists of 665 shares which is pretty full considering the size of my portfolio. However, I plan to buy more shares in the future as my portfolio grows.

So that's it guys! Let me know if you own Plaza reit or if you plan to invest in it! Right now would be the great way to accumulate. Take care!



  1. Nice german! Seems to be the stock all the Canadians are buying lately. I keep debating it but got a nice position in riocan already.

    Cheers and nice buy

    1. Thanks man! Riocan is a nice company! I like it a lot and certainly will buying more of it in the future. I believe Riocan is the biggest retail reit in Canada. Cheers!