My Top Stock Picks for October 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! It’s mid-October and my monthly contribution fund is on the way to my brokerage account. Time for me to decide what to buy this month. Let me tell you, lots of buying opportunities have emerged after the two-week selloff. Looking back at September 30th, the TSX was about 16,000 points and now it’s down to 15,400 points. That’s a nice correction and a great opportunity to buy stocks cheaper.

Here are my top 3 picks for this month:

  1. Emera (TSE:EMA) 
  2. Canadian Utilities (TSE:CU) 
  3. AltaGas (TSE:ALA) 

I have a small position in Emera. I started to buy this stock a few months ago. My price average is $42.65 per share. I can add more shares this week for under $39 bucks! I think it’s a great deal. I’ll be able to average down and to buy more shares for the same amount of money. Plus, the ex-dividend date is in the end of October, meaning I’ll receive the quarterly dividend as fast as next month. Sounds sweet!

My position is Canadian Utilities is two times bigger compared to Emera, but it won’t hurt if I add some more shares, especially at these levels. My average is $32.15 and I can lower it down by buying more shares at $29. However, if I buy this stock this month, I will need to wait till December to receive dividends. 

The market really hates AltaGas! But I love it at these levels. The last time I bought ALA, I paid $25.57 per share and now it trades at around 21 dollars. It’s a great opportunity for me to add more shares to bring down my average, but at the same time, it’s the riskiest pick of the three. My position is ALA is full, but it’s very tempting to buy more shares at this price.

So these are my top picks for October. Let me know what you think of these companies. Cheers!


  1. good list. cu and emera are greta utilities.

    im really on the fence about altagas so much talk about a dividend cut.

    see what the earnings are next report. ipl may be a better choice.

    cheers German!