Recent Purchase: Emera (TSE:EMA)

Last week I posted my top three picks for October: Emera, Canadian Utilities, and AltaGas. I decided to invest more money in Emera since it was the smallest position compared to other two holdings. I bought 26 shares of Emera and I paid $38.97 per share.

Emera Holding
With the recent purchase I now have 49 shares of Emera. Eventually I would like to hold at least 100 shares so I have enough room to add more shares if the stock price goes down. 

Average Cost
When I initially bought Emera, in July, I paid $42.65 per share. This week I paid $38.97 per share and lowered the cost average to $40.69. 

At the current price the stock yields 6%. With the purchase of 26 shares, I increased my yearly dividend income by $61.10. The ex-dividend date is October 31 so it was the perfect timing to increase my position.


Let me know what you think of Emera and would you buy it at the current price.


  1. nice german

    Great spike to forward income as well as lowering your cost base.

    nice buy

  2. We also increased our holdings of Emera by 30 shares this year to enable DRIPing of two shares per distribution. Nice to see Mr. Market provides us with opportunity to lower cost of good equities.