New Buy: Cominar

In my recent blog post, I outlined three potential stock picks for February 2019. These were Freehold Royalties, Artis, and Cominar. I did a quick review of the three companies again and decided to add to my Cominar position.

About the Company
Cominar is the largest REIT in the province of Quebec. I love this company for high-quality shopping malls that are located in the greater Montreal area. In fact, when I go shopping, I always end up going to shopping malls owned my Cominar. They are very appealing, modern and easy-to-get-to. Apart from retail properties, Cominar also owns industrial and office buildings. Unfortunately, they don’t own any residential properties. Hopefully, they will start working on that.

Cominar’s Real Estate Portfolio:
  • 136 retail properties
  • 196 industrial properties
  • 97 office properties

The Purchase
Today I bought 70 shares of Cominar (CUF.UN.TO) for $11.94 per share. With this purchase, I doubled my investment in Cominar and lowered my cost average. My new position now consists of 140 shares and my cost average is $15. My position in Cominar is not full yet. I still have some room to add more shares in the future. I would like to increase my position to 300 shares.

The current dividend yield is 6% and the payout ratio is at 78%. This purchase will add $4.20 to my monthly income.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think of this purchase. If you already made your February purchase, please be sure to share below.


  1. hey german

    I dont follow cominar much but seems like a good buy. safe payout and lowers your dollar costs average price way down. Gotta love it.

    keep it up man. I bought more ipl in Feb.


    1. Hey Rob! 95% of Cominar's properties are located in Quebec. Where I live, I'm surrounded by their buildings and shopping malls. That makes it easier for me to visually evaluate the properties and make my investment decision. Kind of local investment :) Great buy on the IPL. I think there will be an opportunity for me to invest in IPL as well. $21 bucks for IPL is a great deal :)