New Stock Purchases

Hey guys, today I will share my new stock purchases. I already mentioned in my previous post that I was waiting for funds to be deposited in my account following a bought deal of Northview Apartment REIT.

Northview Apartment (NVU.UN.TO) was purchased by a private company on November 3, 2020. I had 125 shares of NVU and received $4,531 from this transaction. The profit is $1,131 in 16 months, not including the dividends.

I had about $5,000 to buy new stocks; $4,531 from the sale and $500 from dividends that were accumulated in my account. I decided to invest in beaten-down energy stocks and one REIT.

As for energy stocks, I bought Pembina Pipeline (PPL.TO) and TC Energy (TRP.TO) and for the REIT I chose Artis REIT.

Pembina Pipeline (PPL.TO)
I started a new position in PPL.TO by purchasing 60 shares for $28.04 per share. Pembina is a great energy infrastructure company that is undervalued at the moment. Because of Covid, the stock prices got crashed from mid-50’s to mid-20’s. I believe it has significant upside potential.

TC Energy (TRP.TO)
I started a new position in TRP.TO by purchasing 30 shares for $52.48 per share. TC Energy formerly known as Trans Canada, is also an energy infrastructure company, but much bigger than Pembina. The upside potential is a bit smaller than Pembina, but TC is a much safer and stronger company.

Artis (REIT)
I added to my existing position by purchasing 180 shares for 9.63 per share. Artis REIT is a diversified REIT with industrial, office and retail properties. They reported a strong Q3 results with improvements in all fronts. I like how they shuffled some properties around and recently completed new developments in the states.

Purchase summary
Pembina – 60 shares at $28.04 per share
TC Energy – 30 shares at $52.48 per share
Artis REIT – 180 shares at $9.63 per share

Added to forward Dividend Income
Pembina – $151.20 per year
TC Energy – $97.20 per year
Artis REIT – $97.20 per year

These were the purchases for today, all made inside my TFSA account.


  1. Nice buys German, I currently hold TC Energy and I use to own Artis. I think you will do very well with them. On the plus side Artis just announced a distribution increase so even more cash in your pocket.

    1. Thanks, Matt. Yes, they did announce a dividend increase of 3%.

  2. That's a nice profit from the buyout. Looks like you have put the cash to good work German.

    Keep it up!


    1. The buyouts are nice because you get a nice premium, but lose a great company going forward. I'm happy with new additions though. Thanks!

  3. nice German
    That's a solid chunk of added income!