Portfolio Value Update - October 2020

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. It’s time to report my October progress. October was a great month on all fronts. The stocks are doing just fine. My portfolio is flat month over month. Let’s dive into my numbers. 

Portfolio Value
In October, my stock portfolio value increased by $19 and closed at $88,677. So it’s pretty much flat month over month, but at least it’s not in the red. On the other hand, when stocks are down I just buy more. I did not buy any stocks in October, but I plan to move money around in November.

Dividends received in October 2020: $434.91
Dividends received in October 2019: $416.73
Year-Over-Year Dividend Growth: $18.18 or 4.36%
Year-To-Date Dividend Income: $4,125.45

My dividend growth rate of 4.36% looks very small, but I can explain why it’s only 4.36%. Last year in October I received a special dividend of $58. This year I did not receive any special dividends, only the regular dividends. On an adjusted basis, excluding the special dividend, the growth rate would have been 21.23%. Now that looks better!

  AdSense Earnings
Adsense earnings from the blog: $0.50
Adsense earnings from YouTube: $907.93
Total AdSense earnings: $908.43

My AdSense earnings increased by 307% compared to the same period of last year, from $203.04 to $908.43. This is just insane! My plan for YouTube was to make $500 tops, thinking that would be a great stream of income to supplement my early retirement. Well, the channel is now making double the amount from what I make from stocks. However, YouTube is not an easy job. Creators put in a lot of effort to run their channels. Those YouTubers that make millions, you can’t imagine the work flow required to make those videos. I’m still a small YouTuber and it’s almost like a full time job! Here are my stats.

YouTube Channel October Stats:
  • +2K Subscribers
  • $907.93 Revenue
  • Daily Average $29.30

Northview Apartment REIT Sale
One of my stocks, Northview Apartment REIT, is being bought out in November. I own 125 shares of Northview that I bought last year. I invested $3,400 to buy 125 shares and I’m expecting to receive $4,500 when the deal is closed. Not a bad return! I plan to reinvest that money into two different stocks.

Cell Phone Bill Lowered
I lowered my cell phone bill. My current provider upped the fee last year and I felt like I was overpaying for the same service. I left Virgin mobile and created an account with Fizz. My monthly bill is now reduced from $46 to $29 per month. So now I will be saving an extra $17 per month that will be used for anything I want. The cool thing about Fizz is that they have a referral program which my previous provider didn’t have, and Fizz rolls over any unused data over to the next month. If you’re interested to check them out, use my referral code for $40 credit: TOQ6E

Portfolio Value: $88,677
Dividend Income: $434.91
AdSense Income: $908.43
Combined Income: $1,343.34

Performance Charts


That’s it for October update! Let me know what you think of my progress. Feel free to share your progress in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and take care!

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